theWitch from a failsafe session:

To start up a specific witch, I asked for it by name..

I could have also said:

to get my default witch, or ..

to get an un-killable witch
Hm, I think I'll start up Amiwm, an Amiga-DOS look-alike. Fast and clean!

theWitch as default desktop:

this is what my desktop looks like at logon.

currently running are

  • mylogin (in background, no window)
  • theWitch (as )
  • two other tk launchers. one is hidden by theWitch.

my .Xclients-default script looks like this

this is my desktop, soon after starting

today I have chosen blackbox for style and speed. It has auto-raise set, which I really appreciate.

The theme is a Fluxbox theme called Autumn. I got it from .

and, of course, a terminal!

Some more shots

I have more screenshots. email me at I can email a tar.gz .

a short sample ..

flwm window manager on a lush red "propaganda" background (/usr/share/pixmaps/backgrounds/Propaganda/Vol*/*.jpg)

Window Maker window manager, and the " blue day " theme. .. with menu ..

and for those of you who are interested, this is how I took those screenshots ...

sleep 8s
 xwd -root |  xwdtopnm |  pnmtopng > $$.png
 pngtopnm $$.png | pnmscale 0.6 | pnmtopng > $$small.png
 pngtopnm $$.png | pnmscale 0.3 | pnmtopng > $$thumb.png
 pngtopnm $$.png | pnmscale 0.2 | pnmtopng > $$tiny.png

happy theme-ing, happy window-managering! I caught the bug!

I am experimenting with themes for theWitch ..

More screenshots of themes here.

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